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Wehicle Backrest Cushion, 35x33x9cm

Our 100% Visco vehicle lumbar cushion makes every vehicle ride enjoyable. It reduces fatigue and pain that occurs when the body is in an uncomfortable sitting position for a long time. With its enhanced comfort, it provides you with the support you need without unnecessary pressure. The pillow is easy to install on any seat.

Wehicle Backrest Cushion, 35x33x9cm

You put a huge strain on your back from sitting at work, in the car and at home all day… No more pain! Use our back cushions in any chair or car seat to support ergonomic positioning and a straight posture.

MORE SUPPORT THAN NORMAL PILLOWS: Flat cushions provide slight relief but do not provide any support to the lower back. Our ergonomic lumbar support adapts to the natural curvature of your spine.

BACK PROTECTION: You can also tuck a regular pillow behind your back and then spend the whole day realigning, folding, repositioning and lifting the pillow when you get up. On the other hand, you only wear our waist pillow once, and that's it.

COOLING AND COMFORT: Most memory foam pillows store heat and thus promote sweat production. Our back support has a breathable and soft pillowcase that allows air to circulate gently.

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We are confident in our back support pillow and we know you will be too. You can therefore test our pillow risk-free for 15 days. You can send it back to us for free. Stay well…