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Cocoxide Wheelchair Cushion

It is produced for those who work constantly sitting, those who feel pain in the sitting area, those who sit in a wheelchair due to their physical disability. Thanks to the use of visco material, it takes the shape of the area where pressure is applied. It will support the user in a wheelchair, car or office chair.

Cocoxide Wheelchair Cushion

It takes the shape of the area where pressure is applied due to the visco material.

It has the feature of relaxing the muscles. It is elastic due to the visco material used. It takes the shape of the sitting area. It has a liquid-proof upper cover and a non-slip lower leather layer. It is made of quality self-moulded memory foam and provides a comfortable sitting surface. In addition, the bottom surface is non-slip. It helps maintain ergonomically correct posture and provides stability while sitting. Zippers can be easily removed for machine washing.

54 cm x 40 cm 11 cm VSM31