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Viscotex Anti-Aging Memory Foam Pillow

Our Anti-aging pillow, which is an innovative cosmetic textile application, has been prepared for you with our coenzyme-containing fabrics. Our anti-aging pillow is our beauty series collection product that contains vitamins A, C and E, which are produced by the body and needed by the skin, as Anti-aging.

Viscotex Anti-Aging Memory Foam Pillow

Coenzymes and vitamins A, C and E have anti-aging effects.
Coenzyme contains vitamins necessary for cell growth, protection from damage and energy production.
It reduces oxidative stress that causes skin damage. It also prevents the development of many diseases such as brain, lung and heart disease.
The reason for the recommendations of many skin specialists for night skin care is the regeneration of skin cells at night and the effect of the growth hormones we secrete during sleep. Our skin barriers open the regeneration mode at night and initiate the formation of new skin cells.
Our anti-aging pillow makes the skin look much brighter and livelier. At the same time, it is the most effective product to help you eliminate the signs of aging and the possibility of wrinkles.
A quality pillow is indispensable for both sleep and your skin, as a healthy sleep is very important for maintaining a quality daily life and renewing your skin. You can provide a perfect sleep experience with our Anti-Aging pillow.

Outer Cover: 35% Viscose, 65% Polyester - Outer Cover can be washed at 40°C.

Inner Cover: 100% Cotton

100% Visco

Size: 68x35x7cm + 2cm Pad

Viscotex® pillow covers are produced according to OEKO-TEX standards.