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Orthopedic Travel Memory Foam Pillow

Where I Lie There; The Viscotex® Travel Pillow is ideal for travel and travel. It has been designed with a superior technology for those who care about sleep quality and desire to take comfort wherever they go. Our pillow is produced using 100% Viscoelastic Sponge. Outer Sheath: Double Jersey 65% Polyester, 35% Viscose (Thermal Finished), Inner Lining: 100% Cotton

Orthopedic Travel Memory Foam Pillow

The Viscotex® Travel Pillow always provides a relaxing and calm sleep. Thanks to the viscoelastic smart sponge technology, you will never have to compromise the sleeping comfort you are used to at home!

Ergonomic and Orthopedic ; Ergonomic Visco foam pillow provides excellent support for the neck and spine. Thus, it reduces shoulder and neck pain and allows the spine to maintain its natural shape.

Heat and Humidity Management; Heat-regulating micro-capsules in the special thermal cover and ventilation channels processed into the pillow provide optimal ventilation and ideal temperature management. This means less sweating and chills during sleep. Thus, you get a comfortable sleep experience.

It can be recommended for allergy sufferers; Viscoelastic sponge can provide resistance against dust mites due to its nature, so this pillow is recommended for people with allergies.

100% Cotton inner lining protects the pillow against external factors. Outer Cover can be washed at 40°C.

Viscotex® pillow covers are produced according to OEKO-TEX standards.

35 cm x 30 cm 10/8 cm VTS53