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Ideal Room Temperature for Sleeping

What should be the ideal room temperature for sleeping?

Bedroom temperature plays an important role in falling asleep easily and getting quality sleep. High temperatures not only delay the time it takes for you to fall asleep, but also shorten the time you spend in deep sleep and cause poorer quality sleep.
A good sleep paves the way for a healthy life. Many things can be done for a good sleep. One of the most necessary and basic conditions is that the room you will sleep in is suitable for sleep. In addition to the bed and sleep products, the temperature of the room also directly affects sleep.

How Does Room Temperature Affect Sleep?

The temperature of the room you sleep in is very important for a quality sleep. According to research, the ideal room temperature in bedrooms should be 16-19 degrees.
Since room temperature directly affects sleep and metabolism, care should be taken to ensure that the room where you sleep is at the ideal temperature!
What should be the temperature of the room where babies sleep?

There is essentially not much difference between adults and babies when it comes to sleeping room temperature. Most experts on this subject say that the room temperature of babies while sleeping should be between 18 and 21 degrees. In short, one or two degrees warmer than the parents' bedroom temperature is sufficient for babies.

Why should you sleep in a cool room?

Recommended temperatures help you fall asleep faster and have a quality sleep. It also ensures longer REM and deep sleep periods. REM is the sleep phase where dreams occur and the brain records the stored data. In this process, repairs are made in the body and hormones are secreted. Keeping the bedroom cool ensures that this process proceeds regularly.

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