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Snoring Cause and Treatment

Why Do We Snore?

This problem can have many different causes, from weight to alcohol consumption, from colds to allergies, and mouth and sinus anatomy. Due to these various reasons, the airway is blocked and it is not possible to breathe comfortably. As the breathing continues, the tremor in the throat causes snoring. It has been observed that especially those who sleep on their backs snore more than those who sleep on their side and face. Snoring, which is quite common after intense physical activity, is also a very common cause.

The problem of snoring can reduce the sleep quality of both the person and those around him. Since we cannot breathe comfortably during sleep, the body works harder to get the necessary oxygen, and as a result, we wake up exhausted and sleepless in the morning. As we do not get the necessary sleep and energy, this is reflected throughout the day and continues in a cycle. Many people have health problems because they do not breathe properly and healthily, which is necessary for the continuity of our lives, and they are not even aware of it. This problem, which reduces the quality of life in the long term and may lead to more serious health problems in the future, should not be ignored.