Natural Fiber Covered Air Channel Visco Orthopedic Pillow

The most effective way to improve your night’s sleep is to find a great ergonomic pillow that can help reduce your neck problems. Considering the many outstanding features it offers, we can say that you will not be disappointed.

Cellulosic fibers of botanical origin define a new standard of sustainability and natural comfort for you. Made according to OEKO-TEX standard with soft, hypoallergenic and natural materials. Dust-resistant 100% cotton inner lining extends the life of viscose. Thanks to its two covers, you will get a long-term sleep comfort. The outer cover can be washed at 40 ° C.

[Our Neck Pillow Works in Perfect Harmony]; Do you wake up with pain in your neck every morning? For those with neck pain VISCOTEX neck pillows are the best pillows for both side and back sleepers. Innovative contoured, cervical, design and memory foam supports the natural curvature of your neck. It provides incredible support for spine alignment and helps you not wake up with shoulder, back, spine or neck pain!

60 cm x 40 cm 12 cm n
60 cm x 40 cm  16 cm n