Highlights of Visco Pillows

We spend about 8 hours a day in bed. Considering that we spend 25-30 years of our life in bed, we can easily see how important a good mattress selection can be. All of us – especially those who work at the computer – complain of inactivity, poor posture and the weight of our bags, and especially neck and back pain as a result. If we do not compensate for this with a healthy sleep, we will invite serious and chronic diseases in the future.

Highlights of visco pillows

Hygienic and anti-allergic Visco pillows take shape according to the temperature and weight of the body, while reducing pressure, they facilitate blood circulation and help relax your muscles. It protects the natural structure of your spine by fully supporting your neck, and does not sweat thanks to its air permeability. By choosing the most suitable pillow for your sleeping position from many different Visco pillows, we can increase our sleep quality and start the day much better with a rested body.

Spring Mattresses cannot fully take the curve of the body.
Classic spring and package spring mattresses do not fully grasp the curved shape of our body and cannot preserve the natural shape of the spine. The gaps between them cause an undisturbed sleep, as well as neck and back pain. We can observe a similar situation in pillows. With the wrong pillow selection, ordinary pillows stretch the neck muscles and cannot maintain the “S” shape of the spine. The fact that visco pillows are made of a material we call memory foam eliminates this problem.

Visco sponge easily takes the shape of your body, when used for pillows and mattresses, it supports the head, neck and spine structure and helps to facilitate capillary blood circulation. Visco pillows, which can be produced in different features and shapes, can be specially produced to meet the personal sleep needs of all members of the family, from seven to seventy. The characteristics of the pillow can be improved by adding different substances such as bamboo charcoal, lavender or eucalyptus essential oils, which will add a different dimension to the personalized sleep experience.