D Model Multifunctional Orthopedic Pillow

Our 100% Visco Orthopedic Model D multi-purpose pillow provides comfortable support for side and back sleepers, those with sciatica, pregnant women, and most of us. Our orthopedic multi-purpose pillow provides ideal comfort and support by helping you align your neck, back, spine, hips, knees or legs.

It is a VISCO D MODEL sleeping pillow produced by Viscotex with molding technology.

In the supine position, adding the pillow under your knees helps take pressure off your spine and supports the natural curvature of your lower back.

It can be an ideal choice for those who like to sleep without pillows.
The feature of flexible VISCO sponges is that they are open-celled, flexible and light, providing air permeability.
It is a perfect pillow especially for those who like to sleep without pillows.

Its purpose is to fill the neck space and provide a comfortable sleep.

There is no CFC gas in our product.
High comfort is provided with Visco Memory Foam technology.
Thanks to its dimensions and Memory Foam technology, it can easily fit into areas such as bags. When the product comes out of these narrow areas, it returns to its former form.
Our product is sent with a special interlining bag package.

42 cm x 18 cm 10 cm VMC29

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