Classic Baby Pillow

For those who cannot give up the Classic Pillow: We combined Visco technology with the dimensions and shape of your classic pillow and here is the Visco Chubby Pillow. As the name suggests, he is chubby and has a soap-like shape. It adapts to any sleeping position and provides excellent support for the neck and spine. The cause of poor sleep is often the wrong pillow choice. The specially developed Viscotex® Classic Pillow is suitable for almost any sleeping position. Our pillow is produced using 100% Viscoelastic Foam. Outer Sheath: Double Jersey 65% Polyester, 35% Viscose (Thermal Finished), Inner Lining: 100% Cotton

Our specially designed baby pillow is the ideal support for your baby. Highly adabtable and soft it is ideal for the health of your baby’s respiratory system.

Viscotex pillow doesn’t have any smell, skin friendly. Memory foam molds to the best shape for a child’s body helping prevent flat head.

Keeping head and spine in alignment brings the tongue and lower jaw forward allowing air to flow freely through the airway thus reducing snoring and improving quality of sleep.

The pressure-relieving viscoelastic foam provides optimal support for the neck and cervical spine. Perfect for all types of sleepers (side/back/stomach)

Our pillow is produced using 100% Viscoelastic Sponge.

Outer Sheath:Double Jersey 65% Polyester, 35% Viscose (Thermal Finished),Inner Lining:100% Cotton

45 cm x 30 cm 8 cm VBB15
50 cm x 32 cm 6,5 cm VBB16

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