Why Should You Use Orthopedic Pillows?

We spend a third of our life sleeping. During this sleep, we have movements that we cannot control and that will negatively affect our spinal health. Orthopedic pillows are required to protect spine health and sleep better. You can sleep with a normal pillow. However, more comfort and support in the use of orthopedic pillows […]

Snoring Cause and Treatment

Why Do We Snore? This problem can have many different causes, from weight to alcohol consumption, from colds to allergies, and mouth and sinus anatomy. Due to these various reasons, the airway is blocked and it is not possible to breathe comfortably. As the breathing continues, the tremor in the throat causes snoring. It has […]

Benefits and uses of Visco Technology

Introduced to the world by NASA, Viscoelastic (memory foam) entered our lives for the first time with its ergonomic feature, just as it was developed to protect the spine of astronauts from pressure during take-off in the space shuttle. The most common usage areas; pillows, beds, shoes and especially medical products. If we open the […]

What is Visco?

Visco history Visco (memory foam) was first developed by NASA research group AMES in the 1960s to be used in the seats of spacecraft and to reduce the pressure that astronauts experience during landing and take-off. Later, in the 1980s, it was used in sports helmets for its shock absorbing properties and for medical purposes. […]