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Herbal Teas and Their Effects on Sleep

Sleep experts recommend drinking herbal teas 20-30 minutes before going to bed. Let's take a look at which herbal teas help you sleep.

Chamomile tea
An herbal tea whose benefits we all know. It has a calming and anxiety-reducing effect. The calming effect of chamomile tea is due to the antioxidant called 'apigenin' in its content. Chamomile tea also helps regulate blood sugar, digestion and heart health.

Lemon balm tea
Lemon balm has also been used as an antiviral and antibacterial medicine to treat infections and viruses. This plant, also known as lemon balm, is an effective aid in reducing stress, especially in the treatment of anxiety disorders. Melissa herb, which is also good for insomnia with its soothing and calming power; It is also very effective against nausea, indigestion and pain.

Passiflora tea
Passiflora plant, like chamomile, contains some flavonoids that can help reduce anxiety symptoms. Passionflower/passiflora plant is known to be as effective as sleeping pills when mixed with sleep aids such as valerian. In a study conducted in 2011, a group was made to drink passionflower tea every day for a week and it was found that those who drank it had much better sleep quality than those who did not drink it.

Lavender tea
You can hide lavender in your pillow, use it as oil in your bathroom or as a soft tea, with its unique scent, healing effect as a tea, and the soothing effect of lavender, which steals our hearts with its color. This beautiful purple colored plant is one of the first things that come to our mind when we think of sleep. It is known that drinking lavender tea reduces fatigue, facilitates sleep and regulates heartbeat in women.

Mint tea
Mint is known for its muscle relaxant properties. Don't worry about its sharpness, it is also perfect for stomach problems. It's not for nothing that our mothers immediately boil mint and lemon when they get sick. Mint tea is also good for insomnia. Especially if you cannot sleep due to stomach problems, you can brew mint tea.

Not just for insomnia; It can be used to soothe the nerves, relax the muscles, reduce pain and relieve stomach ache. Linden tea; It is also good for head, stomach and neck pains.

Fennel tea
It is a plant that has a healing effect on the nervous system, muscles and stomach. After a while, it will show its effect and relax all your muscles, allowing you to fall asleep early.