Benefits and uses of Visco Technology

Introduced to the world by NASA, Viscoelastic (memory foam) entered our lives for the first time with its ergonomic feature, just as it was developed to protect the spine of astronauts from pressure during take-off in the space shuttle. The most common usage areas; pillows, beds, shoes and especially medical products. If we open the medical use; wheelchair cushions, cushions to protect the spine, coccyx or genital area after surgery, and multifunctional special cushions are prominent examples.

Of course, there is no need to suffer from a certain discomfort to use these special pillows and cushions. Individuals who complain of postural disorders, chronic pains or who are just comfortable can benefit from the supportive and heat-sensitive properties of pillows and cushions made of visco material.

Since the development of memory foams, different materials have been added to the special formula of visco. Bamboo charcoal, a natural ingredient, with its deodorizing and moisture-retaining properties; Essential oils such as lavender or eucalyptus can be included in the formula for aromatherapy during sleep.

In addition to the features listed above, the fact that the covers of the pillow and bedding set are made of Bamboo fabric for a natural touch and Thermo fabric for a technological choice greatly increases the response rate of Visco pillows and/or mattresses to personal preferences. In the medical group, the choice of fabrics that are liquid-proof and do not disturb the skin can meet the needs of the user.

Its hysteresis (slow recovery) feature and its ergonomic nature allow ear plugs made of viscoelastic material, and soundproof headphones by completely enclosing the ear. As another usage area, we can show the important benefit it provides in prosthesis construction. Prosthodontists want to use a material that can act in harmony with living tissue in the areas where the prosthesis comes into contact with the skin. The closest material to this is undoubtedly viscoelastic material.