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Is Sleep Training Necessary for Your Baby to Sleep?

Sleep is very important for the development of babies. Parents whose babies do not sleep usually think that their children do not like sleep or that little sleep is enough for them. However, this thought is wrong. Children who do not have physiological and psychological health problems can sleep well. Like adults, children can wake up briefly during sleep. They can go back to sleep after this short period of time.

If you believe that your child does not like sleep and sleeps little, you may develop wrong sleep habits in him/her. Most children have the potential to sleep well. Sleep problems can be solved with a little intervention. Children's sleeping abilities differ from each other. Some children sleep well from the first day, it is necessary to wake them up to feed. As they grow, they both sleep well and wake up with difficulty. Night conditions do not affect their sleep: light, darkness, sound, silence. Some children are reactive to disruption of their sleeping patterns. Factors such as a change in sleeping routines - illness, foreign guests, etc. can cause sleep problems. When these children's routines become regular, their sleep disorders disappear.

Some children are sensitive and may have difficulty sleeping since birth. You do everything to put them to sleep, you rock them, you try to put them to sleep in your arms, you try to put them to sleep by breastfeeding, but you may not be successful. If your child's sleep pattern is problematic for you or him, if you are not happy with this situation, if you think your baby is not sleeping enough, if he wakes you up frequently at night and cannot go back to sleep without your help, if he wakes up too late or early in the morning, sleeps too late or early in the evening, starts the day If he has difficulty getting started and is sleepy all day long, he needs to be taught to sleep. This is where sleep training will come into play.

Sleep training aims to teach the baby to sleep on his own in his own bed. If a baby who knows how to sleep on his own is over 6 months old, he can easily sleep for 11 hours without interruption. Although it may not be easy at first to adopt and implement a sleep training method appropriate to your baby's age and character structure, if you are determined and consistent, you can teach your baby of any age to sleep. While helping your baby develop sleeping habits, choosing the appropriate pillow for babies is also very important for them to sleep comfortably. Our Viscotex® Baby pillows are designed for your baby to sleep comfortably.

As a result, sleep training is not mandatory for every baby. If you are a family that has adopted natural parenting, is happy to sleep in the same bed with your baby, or breastfeeds him/her to sleep, and if this is not a problem for you, everything is fine. But if things are not going well, it is clear what needs to be done. Teaching your baby to sleep! You must put both him and yourself to sleep...

We wish you and your family a pleasant and comfortable sleep with our Viscotex® Orthopedic pillows...